Founded in 2005, Perjink Press is part publisher, part design-and-print agency. Dorothy’s design aesthetic with Perjink is closely allied to the tradition of artists’ book making, often incorporating features such as handmade endpapers and hand-sewn bindings.

Perjink is currently dormant, but may reawaken in the future.

The Angel and the Aipple | Mary Johnston

Mary Johnston’s poetic retelling of the story of Adam and Eve displays her mastery of the Doric language, with the action taking place against the backdrop of the ‘blue bens’ of the Cairngorms. The design, including gold endpapers, draws on the tradition of medieval manuscript illumination. “Her poetry sings for me” – Stewart Conn. For more about Mary, visit her website. Winner of the 2014 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.

2013, 24pp, ISBN 978-0956935250

Tardigrade | Alexander Hutchison

Alexander Hutchison, the author of Scales Dog (2007) and Bones & Breath (2013), both published by Salt, was described by August Kleinzahler as “a Scots Martial, but with the unabashed tenderness and exactitude of John Clare… a mentor, a bristling master, and a total original.” In Tardigrade he assumes the voice of one of these amazing microscopic creatures, managing within the confines of a pamphlet to take the reader on a breathtaking journey from the bottom of the Mariana Trench all the way to outer space.

2013, 16 pp, ISBN 978-0956935243

The Year | Dorothy Lawrenson

Dorothy Lawrenson’s second pamphlet collection is a mature meditation on travel, time and mortality.

2012, 28pp, ISBN 978-0956935236

Oidhreacht/Inheritance | Rona Fitzgerald

Rona Fitzgerald has been living and working in Scotland for eighteen years. Many of her poems are inspired by living in Glasgow and by the Scottish landscape, but the background of her native Ireland is also strongly present. Blues and purples run though the poems collected here, and the pamphlet has been themed on these colours, contrasted with the pale yellow of the moon, “a bright yellow globe in an indigo sky.”

2012, 22pp, ISBN 978-095693229

Holding | Maggie Rabatski

Designed by Perjink and published by New Voices Press, this is Maggie Rabatski’s second pamphlet. Her first, Down from the Dance, was shortlisted in the First Book category of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Book of the Year Awards 2011. Hebridean by birth and upbringing, Maggie now lives in Glasgow, and writes in both Gaelic and English. This collection includes Sacrifice/Ìobairt, one of the Scottish Poetry Library’s Best Scottish Poems 2012.

2012, 28pp, ISBN 978-1906708146

Abune the Toun | George T Watt

George T Watt was born and raised in Scotland. A passionate advocate for the Scots language, he writes almost exclusively in Scots, and his adopted home city of Dundee is the focus of Abune the Toun. The cover and endpapers feature watercolour paintings by Ann Wegmuller RSW RWS.

2012, 28pp, ISBN 978-0956935212

Upon a Good High Hill | Helen Lawrenson

Upon a Good High Hill brings together poems Helen Lawrenson has written during a lifetime spent visiting Hadrian’s Wall. The poems evoke the landscape of the area, and re-imagine the human drama of daily life during the Roman occupation. Shortlisted for the 2012 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.

2011, 22pp, ISBN 978-0956935205

Semi-Detached | Michael Brown

Michael Brown’s first collection is the product of his MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. The cover photograph shows the interior of a disused Victorian asylum. Michael explains “a lot of the poems in the collection are about interiors of some sort… and I became interested in the opposition between people’s interior lives and the desire to break free of those constraints.”

2010, 34pp, ISBN 978-0956090324

Critical Mass | Anthology

The poets contributing to this anthology met on the MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. Critical Mass features Helen Broom, Michael Brown, Louise Hislop, Sara Ing, Ellen Phethean and Sue Spencer.

2009, 38pp, ISBN 978-0956090317

Wild Flowers | Giles Conisbee

Wild Flowers is a collection of poems by Giles Conisbee, published to complement an exhibition of paintings by Kirsty Lorenz. The paintings are reproduced in full colour.

2008, 33pp, 15 illus., ISBN 978-0956090300

For ‘visions’ read ‘meteors’: found poems, and an alphabet, from the John Murray Archive

This is a pamphlet co-published with the National Library of Scotland, the result of poet Ken Cockburn’s residence at the John Murray Archive during summer 2006. Further information about the archive can be found at the NLS website.

2007, 16pp

Thin Bright Blade | Anthology

Thin Bright Blade comprises winning entries from the 2006 William Soutar Writing Competition, and was commissioned by Perth and Kinross Libraries.

2007, 30pp, ISBN 978-0905452517

Other Harvests | Helen Lawrenson

Other Harvests is the debut collection by Helen Lawrenson. Helen lives in Fife, works in Perthshire and spends as much time as possible in Northumberland. She has won a number of awards for her poetry.

2006, 42pp

Woodcuts | Carl MacDougall

Woodcuts is a short story collection by writer and broadcaster Carl MacDougall. Carl is the author of three novels including The Lights Below – according to George Mackay Brown “one of the great Scottish novels of this century.” He introduced and edited the classic compilation of Scottish short stories, The Devil and the Giro, and has presented television programmes including Writing Scotland and Scots on BBC2 Scotland. In between all this he found time to select the short stories for this pamphlet, which are by turns amusing, incisive and poignant.

2005, 24pp, illustrated

Under the Threshold | Dorothy Lawrenson

A collection of Dorothy Lawrenson’s poetry complemented by photographs and line drawings. The poems are linked by themes of art, history and landscape. Shortlisted for the 2006 Callum Macdonald Memorial Award.

2005, 30pp, illustrated, ISBN 978-0956935267