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Wherever she goes, Dorothy takes a sketchbook with her. She particularly enjoys drawing people relaxing and playing music. Some of these drawings form the basis of limited edition woodcuts.

My figure-drawings are all about freedom, movement and spontaneity. I love drawing musicians as they are very unself-conscious and don’t feel they have to ‘pose’ for me. Whenever I go to a jazz jam or folk session, I like to draw the performers. I find that my style responds to the music; the fluid, unbroken line is like the melody, and an element of quirky humour echoes that found in jazz improvisation.

Underlying all my work is a dedication to drawing as a response to an initial experience, be it a musical performance or a journey through a landscape. Drawing is fundamental to my artistic practice. I see it as analogous to music in many ways, requiring discipline and constant practice, as well as that indefinable spark that makes each performance unique.