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The Scottish and Northumbrian Border country is the starting-point for much of Dorothy’s work, often in the form of sketches from a moving car or train. The resulting fluidity and spontaneity inform her work in the studio; familiar features invite recognition, but elements often appear to be observed in passing or only partially remembered. Dorothy explains:

I don’t really see myself as an abstract artist; I like to exploit the peculiar abstract qualities of whatever medium I am using, without completely obscuring the landscape origin of the image. Knowing how far to allow the medium to take over is, for me, a large part of the enjoyment and the frustration of painting.

Working on paper – usually with water-based media – is particularly important for me as it means that my paintings have to be totally honest; there is no chance to scrub out and repaint a mistake. People have often compared my work stylistically to Japanese or Korean painting, and I certainly admire the discipline and sensitivity of the traditional oriental approach. My brushwork succeeds when it is informed by constant practice but when it also attains a spontaneity that gives life to the painting.